Reliable Courier, Affordable Delivery Services in UAE

What We Do

We are a professional and dedicated service oriented company and our goal is to fulfill the complete shipping requirement for all our clients.

We offer logistics expertise to individuals and companies, who want to import, export, ship, and receive goods or mail in UAE, Iraq, and other parts of the world. We offer the fastest delivery in the busy cities. We use advanced information systems as a key component in providing high quality service. Through these systems, we update our customers with the status and location of any shipment throughout the transportation or supply chain process.

The Vision

To be the best courier choice across the region. Through our on-time delivery and a professional systematic customer care. Our vision emphasizes that we strive to be one of the leading logistics providers nationwide.

The Mission

TFM Express is committed to provide all in one courier solution that meets customers needs worldwide.

Strong Management

TFM EXPRESS began operations way back 2013, over the year the company proves that all test will be passable if they have a strong Management who has unity and teamwork, choosing and building the perfect people with equal diversity of all nationalities and bringing people in one city.

TFM succeeded in establishing a solid brand by providing customized and Ideal services to their customers using an advance technologies and software. As TFM knows how to reshaped the system in a major way to come with the market trends.

Technology Used

TFM uses some technology products and services including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Zoho, Jira and Zoom for Business, according to G2 stack is actively using 30 technologies for its website, according to builtWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF, the company is certified ISO-9001  as well.

CEO Message

TFM Express we take great pride in providing all our clients with shipping solutions and maintaining highest possible quality standards within agreed timelines. We believe that “Customized Service” is the key to forming long lasting business relationships and meticulously practice it in all our dealings. This care and dedication rewards us with each and every step we take in providing you with the finest solutions in logistics expertise, customer service and accountability. We guarantee the fastest possible pickup and delivery time all over the country. Fulfilling our commitments on time is our prime responsibility and for that purpose we are always ahead of time.