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Local Courier Services

When you choose TFM Express to courier, you are shipping with experience and specialists couriers services, with our growing network of parcel and packaged services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fulfill your needs.

You may have heavy shipments TFM have all they type of vehicles can support at any any item no matter it is big or small ,we have a well-trained team who can handle your shipments safely.

When you need to receive or send consignment urgent TFM offers you same day delivery service where we can collect the item from any location in UAE and deliver it to same day.

We are offering cheque collection from your customers and deliver it back to within 24 hours.


Small online shops and e-commerce businesses that do not have the capacity to deliver product orders and collect payment upon delivery can count on our professional COD services to get the job done.

If you are looking for a Cash on delivery service provider in Dubai, TFM Express has got you covered.


More people are buying online in the UAE than ever before. Research says the e-commerce industry is growing at a rate that no other industry can match, putting it on pace to compete with the airline industry by 2020. Despite that, 85 per cent of residents in the UAE still prefer to finalise transactions through COD instead of paying through credit card online.

For e-commerce companies, this presents a financial and logistic challenge: How do you meet this market need and where do you obtain the resources to do so?
TFM Express offers an expedited and affordable solution with its COD service in Dubai. We can facilitate the delivery of your products to your customers as well as collect payments following fulfilment of transactions. With this service, small online businesses and e-commerce websites no longer have to invest on delivery personnel and assets to get product orders to customers.

More importantly, businesses who wish to partner with us gain access to a highly developed full-capacity national distribution network, which can be leveraged to penetrate other markets outside of the Dubai emirate. This means you can offer your products for delivery anywhere in the UAE.


More importantly, businesses who wish to partner with us gain access to a highly developed full-capacity national distribution network, which can be leveraged to penetrate other markets outside of the Dubai emirate. This means you can offer your products for delivery anywhere in the UAE.


When your business requires a courier service capable of delivering parcels swiftly and safely on an international basis at your convenience.
we can support you to open markets in GCC countries by providing you cash on delivery service in all GCC countries.

If Your business required to send items to your customers and collect at same time another items this service available in TFM.
TFM Can deliver and collect any items from your customers upon delivery and returning back to you.
TFM fulfilment center is in charge with fulfilling customer orders. In other words, TFM warehouse is not only storing products but also serve as distribution centres where associates pick, pack, and ship orders quickly and efficiently. We use advanced information systems as a key component in providing high quality service. We strive towards offering you with our reliable service and competitive rates which will enable you to progress and at the same time offer great service to your end customers.

International Services

We offer streamlined customs clearance, end-to-end tracking, reliable transit times to key destinations, an extensive network, and international logistics expertise. We give the option to deliver your parcels to almost any destination across the world under 5 business days, our international courier service is fast and flexible enough to meet even the most demanding of your business needs.

Import & Export (Door To Door Delivery)

We offer you to import the goods or documents from any destination all over the world , Whether you’re shipping an urgent or priceless parcel, our experienced and committed express team will go the extra mile to ensure that each and every one of your consignments are delivered promptly on schedule and at competitive price.

Our professional team provide you the Air Cargo and custom clearance services upto 24 hrs.
TFM offers reliable collection of your cheques from your customers door step and safely delivering to your office.
As a way to connect the world through logistics and transportation services we offer e-commerce solutions that assist start-ups and established businesses in supply chain management, technical support, and more. TFM E-commerce solutions are tailored to suit your customers’ needs as well as the size of your business where we can pick and deliver your shipments and deliver on 24 hours in24 hours including collecting Cod amount from your clients.

Fast, Dependable & Affordable Dubai Courier Services

As one of the top international and local courier companies in Dubai today, TFM Express offers a complete range of courier and logistics solutions to meet the various needs of customers today. We utilise an international logistics network that spans the entire globe. This allows us to quickly and efficiently coordinate the delivery of your package anywhere in the world. Whether you are a business in need of a full-scale logistics strategy for your international orders, or a working professional in the city of Dubai who wants to send a package back home, you can definitely benefit from partnering with one of the leading local courier companies today.


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